ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards: Winners in the Most Innovative category

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Last week we profiled winners in the Best Looking category of our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. This week we’ll look at the winners in the Most Innovative category.

Most Innovative IntranetWINNER, Most Innovative: University of Wisconsin Foundation

  • Industry: Education fundraising
  • Region: Wisconsin, USA
  • Employees: 160
  • Intranet Name: Connect

Dan Treuter, the Director of New Media at the University of Wisconsin Foundation, needed an easy way to find out where his colleagues sat in their building. So his team built a little floor plan app by modifying ThoughtFarmer. Here are the steps they followed:

  1. Added cube number of each staff member to Active Directory
  2. Synced cube number to profile field in ThoughtFarmer
  3. Modified ThoughtFarmer’s People Directory output to list cube number
  4. Linked cube number to custom PHP app that opens in modal window
  5. Highlighted staff member’s location on floor plan

Here’s what it looks like:

[screenshot] Employee floor plan intranet
Click on an employee’s location number to launch the floor plan
[screenshot] intranet floor plan
The employee’s location is highlighted on the floor plan
Great hacking, Dan and team! This modification has potential as a future feature in ThoughtFarmer.

Most Innovative Intranet Honorable MentionHONORABLE MENTION, Most Innovative: Pictime

  • Industry: Software
  • Region: France
  • Employees: 200
  • Intranet Name: Aloha!

Frank Flipo, CEO of Pictime, wanted to leverage email to remind staff of updates taking place on their ThoughtFarmer intranet. As a software company, Pictime isn’t afraid of tackling software APIs. So they tapped into ThoughtFarmer’s REST API and built an application that automatically generates a weekly email digest of news from ThoughtFarmer. Here’s what it looks like:

[screenshot] Email digest intranet
This email digest is automatically generated via ThoughtFarmer’s REST API
Email digests are very effective at driving adoption — you’ve probably noticed how much email is used by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This modification also has potential as a future feature in ThoughtFarmer. Great job, Pictime!

Would you like a new, innovative, and easy-to-use intranet at your company? Get in touch to discuss your intranet needs.


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