ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2014: Winners in the Most Innovative category

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Last week we profiled winners in the Best Looking category of our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. This week we’ll look at the winners in the Most Innovative category.

Most Innovative IntranetWINNER, Most Innovative: LPK

  • Industry: Architecture & Design
  • Region: Ohio, USA
  • Employees: 395
  • Intranet Name: Watson

Timesheet systems are mission critical for organizations who use them: if you don’t log time, no one gets paid.

Timely and accurate timesheet submission can be a challenge for a creative agency. So LPK used ThoughtFarmer’s API and custom portlet functionality to integrate with their timesheet system.

If employees are more than two days behind on their timesheets, an alert shows on the ThoughtFarmer home page. Clicking the alert leads the user to the timesheet system.

An additional aspect of the integration provides timesheet access for freelancers. Freelancers couldn’t access the timesheet system directly, so they would often submit invoices with missing or inaccurate project numbers. Now freelancers can use ThoughtFarmer to browse available project numbers. The result is faster and more accurate billings and payments.

When an intranet innovation directly impacts the bottom line, we’re impressed. Way to go, LPK!

LPK intranet timesheets integration
LPK’s intranet alerts users if their timesheets are past due
LPK intranet most innovative
Freelancers can use ThoughtFarmer as an interface to the timesheet system


Most Innovative Intranet Honorable MentionHONORABLE MENTION, Most Innovative: Central 1

  • Industry: Finance
  • Region: British Columbia, Canada
  • Employees: 675
  • Intranet Name: Beacon

When a system goes down, IT Helpdesks are often overwhelmed with phone calls and emails. And oftentimes, the issue is with a user’s computer or network connection rather than the actual system.

Central 1 created a “System Status” portlet on their ThoughtFarmer home page that keeps everyone aware of the current status of Central 1’s systems. When everything is fully operational, a green indicator gives an “All Systems GO” notification. If there’s a planned outage, the portlet will present a blue indicator with the service name, as well as a link to the scheduled outage event in a ThoughtFarmer calendar. Partial outages are marked in yellow and full outages in red.

The system status portlet has removed the mystery of system outages for all employees. It’s also reduced the phone calls and emails to the IT Helpdesk. We think this is a great example of intranet innovation — it improves communication and operational efficiency. Great work, Central 1!

Central 1 intranet home page
Central 1’s systems status portlet alerts users of scheduled or unplanned outages.
Central 1 intranet system status portlet
Green is good. Blue is a planned outage. Yellow is a partial outage. Red is fully unavailable.

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