Mini-profiles: A quick way to see who’s who

A social intranet greatly increases the size of your workplace social circle. It cuts down silos, helping you communicate and share with people you didn’t previously know.

These wider circles can stretch our memory — sometimes it’s difficult to remember who’s who, especially in larger companies.

The mini-profile in ThoughtFarmer 6.7 makes it easy to remember. Hover over any name, anywhere on the screen, and a mini-profile appears.

Mini-profile on intranet
Hover over any name for a mini-profile of that person

The mini-profile can be configured to show the information important to your company. By default, it displays the person’s name, job title, phone and email. See the documentation on configuring the mini-profile to suit your needs.

Version 6.7 of our intranet software is available now. Read more about the changes: