M&A Edition Featured in Forbes — 100-Day Merger Planning


Unrealized potential, disengaged employees, and poor shareholder value: That’s the mergers & acquisitions story you’ll hear 83% of the time*. Forbes contributor George Bradt recommends that companies can reduce risk of failure with a 100-day merger plan that focuses on environment, attitude, values, and engagement. In addition to great insight on overcoming common merger pitfalls, he features an interview with our co-founder, Chris McGrath, explaining the value of employee engagement during the M&A planning process.

Excerpt from the Forbes article “83% Of Mergers Fail — Leverage A 100-Day Value Acceleration Plan For Success Instead“.

ThoughtFarmer Co-founder Chris McGrath shared some startling insight into merger and acquisitions’ impact on employee engagement.

  • There is a 23% increase in “actively disengaged employees” after a change event – even if no one’s job is affected. He got this information from an AON/Hewett study and went on to explain that
  • It takes about three years to return to pre-merger engagement levels.

He told me what had happened to his online banking team at Mercantile Bank when they were acquired by Firstar (US Bank)….

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