Lightning Fast Employee Contact Lists

There are many occasions you might need a list of employee contact information — creating an attendance list, printing name tags, making a hard-copy phone list, or sending a direct mail campaign. Our new employee directory feature, Export to Excel, allows employees to create an employee list in seconds. It’s a simple feature, but a useful one.

To export a list of all employees, simply go to the employee directory, use the export button, and click “Export to Excel”. Done.


Your contact list is exported into an excel table. From there, you can use it however you like. Import it into another database, format it for printing, use it for a mail-merge, or simply print as is.


But wait, what if you don’t need the full employee list? What if you’re looking for a specific team, work group, location, or skill set? Use ThoughtFarmer’s employee directory filters to select the specific list of employees you want, and then complete the export.


Administrators can also configure the columns that display and the order in which they appear.

Enjoy our new employee contact lists made easy!

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