Jon Husband ThoughtFarmer interview on FastForward Blog


Had the pleasure of lunching with local enterprise 2.0 blogger Jon Husband (another Vancouver-based guy) just before he took off to Orlando for FastForward a couple of weeks ago. The interview he did with Darren and myself has now been posted on the FF Blog. We covered a lot of ground in the interview and Jon managed to capture a good part of it in his interview. Jon asked us a couple of tough questions, like which client are we most proud of…. not really fair, as all of our clients are amazing people doing very interesting things in their organizations, embracing collaborative tools like ThoughtFarmer to affect positive change and work better together.

If you’ve never read Jon’s blog before, saunter over to Wirearchy and fill up on the posts. He’s a long time blogger and has been thinking, writing, discussing, and lecturing about the concepts that power systems like ours for quite some time. Jon’s a firm believer in the fruitful intersection between the hierarchy and the network, the collision of top down and bottom up and the result of that interplay. His new book, Making Knowledge Work: The Arrival of Web 2.0 has just been published and mentions a lot of enterprise 2.0 type platforms that are at work throughout companies right now, ThoughtFarmer included. Looks like a good read and I’ll have to add it to the ever growing stack of Amazon shipments that litter my desk…


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  1. Dan

    That’s very cool. We’ll have to work on becoming your favorite client.

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