IntraTeam 2013 – Gordon Ross to Speak at Intranet Conference in Copenhagen


Back at KM World in Washington DC in 2009, I had a great opportunity to meet with some of the world’s leading intranet thinkers and doers – one of them was Kurt Kragh Sorensen of IntraTeam in Denmark. Kurt runs an annual international conference in Copenhagen for managers and employees working with intranets (IT, communications, HR, and more) and I’m pleased to announce that I’m part of the IntraTeam Event, March 5-7, 2013.

I’m running a hands-on pre-conference workshop on Deriving Personas for Intranet Design and Change Management and presenting a keynote entitled Communication Power and the Social Intranet on the second day.

Here’s the description of the persona workshop and a quick chat that I had with Kurt to discuss what value attendees can expect:

  • Participants will learn how to use narrative techniques to derive intranet personas
  • The workshop will be hands on (members will generate personas)
  • Following the creation of personas, a review of design considerations for how to create and use personas effectively will be covered

Topics include narrative techniques, participant recruitment, use of personas in navigation/IA/content strategy, and use of narrative and personas in change management when introducing new features/content or re-launching a new intranet.

As mentioned in the video, the persona workshop is a departure from the Cooper-based personas popular in user-centred design processes and tap into the narrative methods pioneered by Cognitive Edge. I’ve been working with these methods for the past 4 years and have been increasingly interested of their use in the context of change management.

The talk on the second day of the conference tackles a big, but (imho) ignored topic in the rhetoric around social business and enterprise 2.0 and intranets: power. Here’s the description:

  • Expressions like “liberation” and “enhanced collaboration” and “freedom” are common in marketing, but is this really the case?
  • How does power really work on the social intranet? Who is in control? What are the opportunities of this new model? What are the risks?
  • Does the social intranet make employees more or less powerful?

Using ideas developed by communications philosopher Manuel Castells, I will introduce how leaders and managers can understand network power inside of their organizations, and identify both opportunities and risks.

I also thought about entitling this presentation: “I read Communications Power by Castells so you don’t have to…”

In all seriousness, I think that any manager who is contemplating their intranet project, in particular their social intranet project, as bringing about some kind of different way of working, some kind of redistribution of control over work, some kind of “empowerment” – then we essentially need a better way of talking about the dynamics of power inside of organizations.

While relying on Castells’ philosophical thinking to frame the talk, I will be utilizing my own personal experiences doing onsite consulting work with our clients to illustrate the theme of power further.

So, if you’re in Europe and you’re looking for a great intranet conference to attend, sign up for IntraTeam 2013 in Copenhagen.

The early bird expires on February 16, 2013 so you still have a couple days left to get a great deal on stellar event.

Vi ses snart! (See you soon!)


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