Intranet Tip: Help Employees Discover Trending Content

Intranet Tip: Help Employees Discover Trending Content

ACCA encourages employees to explore relevant content by showcasing trending topics.

April 7, 2015

*Update: Whoaaa, this blog post is really old! Check out some more recent posts here. 

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ACCA, the Association for Chartered Certified Accountants, made it easier for employees to keep their fingers on the pulse of the organization. The Trending Portlet is featured on the home page, and automatically highlights popular intranet content based on likes and freshness. Small engagement features, like this one, add up to make an enjoyable intranet experience.

ACCA uses a trending portlet to showcase hot topics

Interested in getting the Trending Portlet for your own intranet? ThoughtFarmer clients can download and install the portlet from our support site.

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