Intranet Tip: Why an Intranet Naming Contest is More than Just Crowdsourcing a Name

intranet naming contest

In brief: A naming contest is a great way to help employees build a connection to the intranet, keeping them engaged after launch.


Creating an emotional connection to the intranet is one way to keep employees engaged long after launch. Central 1 held an intranet naming contest to get staff invested right from the get-go. After a few selection rounds (all moderated via the intranet) Beacon was chosen. But crowdsourcing a name did more than just create a unique identity, it helped garner user buy-in and fostered a sense of ownership.

Initiatives like this contributed to an eight percent increase in company-wide employee engagement. Want to find out what other amazing things Central 1 accomplished with their intranet? Read the full case study.