Intranet tip: How to use your intranet for crisis management

Intranet tip: How to use your intranet for crisis management

Use the intranet to centralize information during a crisis to ensure employees are informed and know their role in addressing stakeholders.

During a crisis, make your employees ambassadors for the organization by arming them with accurate and up-to-date information. A great way to keep staff informed is through your intranet. Three ways your organization can use the intranet effectively for crisis management are:

  1. Share news with employees first: Don’t let them read it in the newspaper. Posting something on the intranet 5-15 minutes before the news is released will help employees feel included, understand the reasons for decisions, and be able to answer questions effectively.
  2. Keep employees constantly informed: Use the intranet to post frequent updates. This will help to manage misinformation and misperceptions, and ensure staff knows their role in addressing the crisis1.
  3. Document crisis management procedures: Crises are stressful, which makes it easy to forget what protocol is, or even where to find it. Document it clearly on the intranet, and make sure everyone knows where the information lives.

How to use your intranet for crisis management

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June 9, 2016

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