Intranet Survey Results: How 2.0 is Your Intranet?

At the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, ThoughtFarmer presented on Intranet 2.0 in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps. After that presentation, we conducted a survey with 72 conference attendees to gauge the “2.0-ness” of their intranets. We asked things like:

  • Can the average employee at your company edit content on your intranet?
  • How often do you contribute content?
  • Does your CEO participate?

The audience for this survey wasn’t exactly typical — it was Enterprise 2.0 early adopters and social software keeners. Even so, the survey revealed a huge opportunity to make the average intranet more democratic and collaborative:

  • 60% said employees can edit nothing or very little on their intranet
  • 34% said they personally don’t add or edit content at all

Chart based on our "How 2.0 is Your Intranet?" Survey

Interestingly, larger companies reported better intranet practices:

  • 47% said employees could edit a fair amount or almost everything
  • 27% said they add or edit content 20+ times a week

Even the CEOs at these larger companies are more “2.0”. 40% of the participants from these organizations said their CEO adds content regularly, compared with 20% overall.

Other findings from our survey:

  • BAD: 47% of CEOs never contribute content. Step 9 of our 10 steps to Intranet 2.0 is “Lead by example.”
  • GOOD: 67% of large-company intranets send Signals. Signals are a critical piece of McAfee’s SLATES formula for Enterprise 2.0.
  • BAD: More than half of respondents said their intranet search rarely helps them find what they’re looking for.

There is still a dearth of good statistics and case studies on the uptake of Intranet 2.0. (We’ve contributed one thorough case study to McAfee’s site.) Our little survey, while by no means scientific, reinforces what most of us already know: Some good progress has been made with Intranet 2.0. But there is still a huge opportunity ahead of us.