Intranet Secrets: Confessions From Behind the Firewall


Want to brighten your day? Head over to the site we just launched, Inspired by PostSecret, it’s full of behind-the-firewall confessions of what some people really think about their company’s intranet. Here’s a sample:

We spent $860,000 rebuilding our intranet. The most popular page on the intranet is still the cafeteria menu.

They should really switch to ThoughtFarmer, shouldn’t they?

I’m enjoying reading reactions to the site from around Twitter:

Twitter reactions to our Intranet Secrets campaign

I hope you enjoy reading the site as much as we enjoyed building it! Look for an update every day in March.

And by the way, if you want to love your intranet, you should really consider test-driving ThoughtFarmer.


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  1. Linda Bolg

    Great blog post. Very Funny : )

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