Free Intranet Information Architecture Tools

Free IA resources

September is Intranet IA Month here at ThoughtFarmer. We’ve published a series of free, useful resources on the most common intranet information architecture techniques in use today.

Intranet IA How-To Guides & Analysis: 

Intranet IA Webinars (free): 

Content still king, intranet IA still critical

Despite the excitement and interactivity generated by social intranets and internal social media, an intranet still needs to provide useful and findable content that helps employees succeed in their everyday work.

Good content, made easy to find, still plays a critical role in intranet adoption and long-term success. Intranet information architecture techniques can help you build an intuitive intranet navigation that employees actually use.

IA techniques also offer excellent opportunities to engage your users in the intranet project — a benefit that makes intranet IA unique compared to normal website IA projects.

These free intranet IA resources will help you succeed in your intranet journey. We look forward to connecting and sharing what we know about information architecture for intranets.

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