New Intranet Case Study: Remarkable Adoption and Findability at Assiniboine Credit Union.

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Approximately 1/5th of the work week is spent searching for and finding information (Source: McKinsey). We’ll help you do the math — that works out to 8 hours a week per employee! With Assiniboine Credit Union‘s previous intranet, only 14% of employees reported being able to find information they hadn’t accessed before. Their antiquated intranet search engine was not able to index the mass amounts of information that financial services employees require to do their job.

The Challenge

Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) is Manitoba’s largest credit union. With 25 branches and over 3.8 million words of documentation, they needed an intranet solution that could provide fresh, relevant content to their employees. As a socially responsible co-operative, they also wanted an intranet that amplified their commitments to their members, employees, and communities. They needed the right mix of technical functionality and social collaboration.

The Results

Our professional services team helped ACU to complete user research prior to launching their intranet. Using our findings, we created a custom information architecture that was designed around the information needs of ACU’s employees, from front-line staff to back office employees. In addition to finding the right information, the new intranet added powerful collaboration tools like authoring, blogging, commenting, and personalized employee profiles. The results have been outstanding with:

  • 70% of staff saying they now easily find new information they’re looking for, up from just 14%
  • 93% of employees logging in every day
  • 73% of employees using the intranet every hour ​

How did they do it?

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