How to Conduct an Intranet Strategy Workshop (With Free Template)


Intranet Strategy Workshop

We often think of the metaphor of navigation when it comes to strategy. We get out our map and compass, we have a fixed sense of where we are going, and we just need to cement that into the minds of our team in order to get there. However, Gordon Ross, VP of Strategy at ThoughtFarmer, believes the intranet strategy journey can be better compared to that of wayfinding. Wayfinding is the act of knowing and doing as we try to make our way through unknown space. It is never the case where we know and then act. The better way to approach strategy is to first act, then we know, and then we can tentatively act again.

So what do we need to know and do to make our way through the unknown space of 2016? As planning is underway, it is a great time to evaluate how well your intranet strategy is aligned with this year’s objectives. Maybe your current intranet strategy needs some adapting, or maybe you have yet to create an intranet strategy. Either way, we have a great workshop guide to help you design an effective strategy to deliver on your overall corporate objectives. At the end of this workshop, you and your stakeholders will walk away with insights about how your intranet can drive your organization’s goals, and a solid action plan of enablers and risk mitigators to make it happen.

This strategic workshop template will help your team collaboratively create a vision for what the intranet will achieve within your organization, and a strategic direction for achieving that vision. This template is based off an intranet strategy webinar presented by Gord. We recommend you watch the webinar, then download the workshop template to facilitate your own strategy session. The questions used in this workshop are loosely based off the article, “Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy.”

You can view the workshop template below, or download it here.


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    […] This intranet strategy workshop template will help your team create a vision for what the intranet will achieve, and a direction for achieving it.  […]

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