Government & Social Intranet Software: USGS Case Study

USGS logoHow is government using social intranet software?

Read how the USGS Nevada Water Science Center reduced intranet staffing from two half-time staff to almost nothing by introducing a collaboratively-maintained social intranet: “Water in the Desert: ThoughtFarmer & USGS“.

“ThoughtFarmer has become the go-to resource for everything from HR information, to signing out a digital camera or boat, to checking the budget on a project, to getting a virtual introduction to a colleague on the other side of the state. ‘It has really been even more successful than we thought it would be,’ says IT specialist Shannon Watermolen.”

This is the latest of our Intranet Case Studies.

[Screenshot] USGS Nevada Water Sciences Center intranet
Intranet page to manage a resource -- in this case, a boat -- on the USGS Nevada Water Sciences Center intranet. Click screenshot to read the full case study.
As an agency of the United States Federal Government endorsements of specific commercial products are prohibited. The opinions of the US Geological Survey employees highlighted here reflect their personal opinions and do not constitute an endorsement of ThoughtFarmer or its developer by the USGS.

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