Future of Work Series Part 4: Collaborative Software Requires New Skills

How does workplace collaboration happen? Is it initiated by software tools, or by people?

megan-murrayIn this short interview,  Megan Murray explains that we need to “stop looking at [enterprise technology] tools as a diet pill solution, and rather as facilitators that can help us scale our own behaviour.” While collaboration and teamwork are necessary for businesses to innovate and adapt in a modern competitive environment, simply clicking “install” doesn’t make it happen.

Using collaborative software tools effectively requires employees and managers to be willing to share information, support each other, and act cooperatively. Megan believes that we need to incorporate collaborative culture throughout our business processes — from educational programs to policies, processes, and reward mechanisms. Online collaboration is a skill set that needs to be taught and practiced.

Megan Murray is a pioneering enterprise 2.0 expert. She spent a decade at Booz Allen Hamilton delivering enterprise collaboration technology, and served as director of collaboration strategy at Moxie. She also hosts a weekly podcast on social web in business with Euan Semple.

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