Financial Post: Launch a project with a ThoughtFarmer social intranet

The Financial Post interviewed ThoughtFarmer client Karo Group about their successful social intranet in a new article “Launch a project with a social intranet.” From the article:

A social intranet is just the ticket for a knowledge-based company that needs to pull together diverse employees for individual projects, says Alex Berenyi, director of systems and technology for Karo Group, a Calgary-based creative agency.

Karo, which has 62 employees in Calgary and Vancouver, built its own intranet several years ago, but never had time to add functionality to it, and so it languished, he said. “It just wasn’t compelling enough for people to use it the way it should be used,” he says.

“But for a project-based company like ours, we needed the ability to put a group together quickly. The intranet also needed to be able to find specific expertise among our staff, and to allow others to throw in their ideas, if they saw that they could be of help to the project, without going through an intermediary. When we decided to upgrade, we found it was easier to lease a social intranet system like ThoughtFarmer than to try to do it ourselves.”

Berenyi said a social intranet also can act as an accessible central repository of company information that is more effective and easier to use than traditional systems in which relevant company information is stored in a series of emails, or in a central folder.

“It’s searchable, so people don’t have to plow through dozens of folders trying to find the right information,” he says. “It improves communication and information flow, which is essential in a business like ours. There is a clear benefit in an intranet for knowledge businesses, because it facilitates better project management, improves productivity and reduces cost.”

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