ThoughtFarmer in the “Enterprise 2.0 Sweet Spot”: ZDNet

ZDNet blogger Dion Hinchcliffe released a map of the 2009 Enterprise 2.0 Marketplace in a post yesterday entitled, “Assessing the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace in 2009: Robust and crowded.”

Of over 70 major software products he evaluated for his map, he placed 15 in the “Enterprise 2.0 Sweet Spot” — including ThoughtFarmer.

Enterprise 2.0 Map of the 2009 Marketplace

ThoughtFarmer is in the “Enterprise 2.0 Sweet Spot” of the Map of the 2009 Marketplace

Hinchcliffe defines the Sweet Spot as “social platforms that have figured out how to comply with needs of enterprises in terms of governance, security, single-sign, portal support, standards, etc. while reconciling this successfully with essential Enterprise 2.0 capabilities such as being social, freeform, Web-oriented, and so on.”

The full alphabetical list of Enterprise 2.0 Sweet Spot products is as follows:

  1. Atlassian Confluence
  2. Acquia Drupal
  3. ConnectBeam Spotlight
  4. Grovesite
  5. Jive Social Business Software
  6. Mindtouch 2009 Enterprise
  7. Lotus Connections and Quickr
  8. Near-Time
  9. Open Text Social Media
  10. PBworks
  11. SocialText 3.0 Platform
  12. Telligent Enterprise
  13. Traction Software
  14. ThoughtFarmer
  15. Twiki 4.x
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