Video case study: How an engineering firm created an intranet that people actually use

View the first of our 60 second video case studies: How an engineering consulting firm created an intranet that people actually use.

In this video we interview Jonathan Funk, an engineer at Kerr Wood Leidal Consulting Engineers (KWL). Jonathan has used ThoughtFarmer to manage a busy, collaborative social intranet since 2008.

Prior to ThoughtFarmer, KWL had traditional, static intranet software that was difficult to update. ThoughtFarmer changed KWL’s intranet philosophy by creating a user-friendly space where everyone can contribute. The result is a dynamic, ever-changing collaborative hub.

KWL is quite innovative in its use of ThoughtFarmer. One example: Like many firms, they periodically refresh the mobile phones of employees. Using ThoughtFarmer, they held an open auction for dozens of smart phones and raised money for charity. They created a page for each phone, then let employees submit their bids by using ThoughtFarmer’s commenting features. The highest bid submitted before the deadline was the winner. According to Jonathan: “In the end, we found a great new way to use our ThoughtFarmer intranet and raised $4230 for the Ronald McDonald House charity.” (See a screenshot in our summary of winners from our 2012 Best Intranets Competition.)

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