Free eBook: 8 Inspiring Interviews from Successful Intranet Managers

Behind every great intranet is a great intranet manager. While studying other companies’ intranets can be helpful, it’s really the people behind the intranets that make them go. This easy-to-read eBook provides insights into the work of successful intranet managers. Learn about the real-world context of intranet strategies and tactics and find inspiration in these personal stories.

Harvesting Growth: 8 Inspiring Interviews from Successful Intranet Managers

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If you’ve ever seen an excellent intranet up close and personal, you likely understand a fundamental intranet truth: good intranets result from having good intranet managers.

Whether you’re new to intranets, working on a new intranet project, or revamping your current intranet you can find ideas and inspiration in our new eBook — Harvesting Growth: 8 Inspiring Interviews from Successful Intranet Managers.

This new eBook has collated our collection of Real Intranet Manager interviews into a beautifully-designed, easy-to-read format.

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Intranet stories you can relate to

These personal and honest stories describe the journeys our subjects have taken to become intranet professionals. From Tanis Roadhouse’s blueprint for building a social intranet to Nigel Williams’ role as a workplace anthropologist, this eBook is chock full of useful strategies and tactics.

If you are starting an intranet project at your company, keep in mind the importance of empowering a skilled project manager and communicator to lead the effort. The stories in this eBook will help you identify the personality, skills and practices necessary for success.

Sample pages from Intranet Managers eBook
Sample pages from the eBook

Included in the eBook:

  • Stories about real intranet managers: Stories that illuminate the characteristics and skills of successful intranet managers.
  • Personal profiles: Vital stats about about intranet managers’ careers, companies and intranets
  • Intranet screenshots: Examples from 8 different intranets from around the world
  • Best practices, strategies and tactics: Explanations of tried and true efforts and practices.

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