A DropBox alternative for the social intranet

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I love DropBox. I use it all the time in my personal life. But IT Directors everywhere have mixed feelings about such tools and are struggling to keep their companies’ files safe.

When internal tools don’t meet their needs, employees often look to consumer tools like DropBox to share files. An old SharePoint site that can’t be accessed on a mobile device? A clunky document management application that’s too process-heavy? These problems lead employees to stray from company systems.

But with ThoughtFarmer 6.0’s document management features, IT Directors and employees can both be happy.

A central location for file management

First off, you can store files centrally on the intranet and manage file access so just the right people can see and edit specific documents. This means employees can access files in the same place they go to get their news and find HR tools.

Document library
Store files in the same place employees get their news and find HR tools

Manage large collections of files

New document libraries allow easy management of large collections of documents. You can quickly move, duplicate, reorder, and rename files with just a few clicks.

Document library closeup
Document functions at your fingertips: Download, Comment, Reorder, Open for Editing, more

Drag-and-drop file uploading is a breeze

Drag-and-drop uploading means that managing large collections of files is easier than ever.

Edit files directly from the intranet

And with ThoughtFarmer’s direct file editing, you can open files — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote — straight from the intranet. The file automatically locks so no one can overwrite your changes, and then it automatically opens in your desktop application. Save your changes, click “Done Editing”, and the latest version is saved back to the intranet.

Document Locked
Edit documents on your desktop, directly from the intranet. Files are locked while you edit

Full version histories & revision control

If you’ve ever used DropBox or any other shared folders, you know the frustration of opening a file only to discover massive changes. It’s the worst when someone edits your file without saving the old version so you have no way to retrieve your work.

With ThoughtFarmer not only do you have a complete version history for each file (as well as every page), but you can easily revert back to any previous version.

Revert to previous versions

Collaborate on and discuss documents on the intranet

To round out your document management features in ThoughtFarmer we have on-page comments. You and colleagues can have an online discussion about a file on the file page and each comment will note the file version about which it was made.

Intranet discussions plus our new document preview features mean you can collaborate on files in ways shared folders have never allowed.

Comments on versions
Discuss files. Comments are tied to specific file versions.

View files on your mobile phone

The icing on the cake? You can find, download, and read the files on a mobile device via ThoughtFarmer’s mobile web app.

Documents on your mobile
Find, view and comment on files from your mobile

ThoughtFarmer’s new document management features make document collaboration simple and seamless. IT Directors will sleep easy knowing employees aren’t using DropBox to store confidential documents, and employees will have the tools they need to collaborate better. Come to our webinar to learn more.

Looking for a clear and simple path to a new intranet? Download our free Intranet Buyers Workbook to learn 10 key steps in evaluating intranet solutions.