Future of Work Series Pt 3: Thriving in a More Connected and Delocalized World

This interview is part three of our Future of Work four-part series. ThoughtFarmer is hosting a Future of Work panel at the Digital Strategy Conference Vancouver on April 29th. Register for the Digital Strategy Conference and watch the interviews with Stowe Boyd and Dave Gray.


“The world is changing all the time, so the things that organizations need to do are changing all the time.” David Ascher, VP of Product for the Mozilla Foundation, explains how technology is driving connectivity and delocalization, resulting in a rapid rate of change within and outside organizations.

This rapid change profoundly impacts how we structure and organize work. The ability to network and connect across the world means faster information sharing and more diversified teams. On the flip side, it gives managers far less control and requires faster reaction times.

As a long-time leader at Mozilla, an open-source community that works with hundreds of global employees and thousands of global volunteers, David is ahead of the curve at realizing the impact of technology on how we work.  In this short interview, he shares what skills he’s found are necessary to succeed in this highly connected and global environment.

David Ascher is one of four interviewees in our Future of Work series. Also see Part 1: Leanership and Connected Technologies, Part 2: How Consumer Technology is Disrupting the Workplace, and stay tuned for one more interview on the Future of Work.

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