Client webinar – Moving business processes to the social intranet

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A social intranet can bring wonderful changes to a company, but often the specific and measurable benefits get lost in the focus on important but vague goals such as “better communication,” “streamlined collaboration,” “stronger community” and “improved knowledge sharing.”

If you want to make your colleagues’ lives truly better and demonstrate measurable impact, it’s time to focus on shifting specific business processes to your social intranet.

Join ThoughtFarmer’s Ephraim Freed on Wednesday, May 2 at 8:30 AM Pacific /11:30 AM Eastern for a practical client webinar: Moving business processes to the social intranet.

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In this webinar we’ll explore:

  • The link between business processes and intranet adoption
  • Real-world examples from a variety of different companies
  • Criteria for selecting business processes to move
  • Tips on how to shift business processes to the social intranet

A new social intranet often generates a lot of excitement as employees and executives begin to realize the unbounded opportunities. But once the joy wears off, you may find yourself under the gun to solve more specific problems.

Join this webinar to get ideas for creating specific value and learn how to identify business processes ripe for shifting to the social intranet.

  • Topic: Moving business processes to the social intranet
  • Time: Wed, May 2, 8:30am Pacific /11:30am Eastern / 4:30pm UK
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Host: Chris McGrath, Vice President Sales & Marketing and Co-Creator
  • Presenter: Ephraim Freed, Marketing & Professional Services Guy
  • Registration link:

We hope you can join us on Wednesday!

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