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Build your intranet skillset at ThoughtSummit 2021!

We're bringing intranet practitioners and enterprise thought leaders together for a virtual conference that will leave attendees feeling motivated to level-up their intranet!

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We’re bringing intranet managers, practitioners, and enterprise thought leaders together for a virtual conference that will leave attendees feeling motivated and inspired to level-up their intranet!Are you an intranet super-fan, a communications expert, or an IT champion looking to maximize your intranet’s potential?

We’re thrilled to announce the return of ThoughtSummit! This year will feature five sessions across five days where attendees will build their skillset through thoughtful presentations, practical advice, and connections with like-minded practitioners. We designed ThoughtSummit to fit into busy lives! So, this year the conference is entirely virtual and can be attended from anywhere across the globe.

Why should you attend?

Managing an intranet is no easy task—especially during a pandemic and the shift to a hybrid or remote workplace. To be successful, you require new solutions to old problems and actionable solutions to new problems.

ThoughtSummit will leave you feeling inspired, energized, and ready to tackle your intranet with strategies that you can put into action immediately.

Join a vibrant and engaging community devoted to learning and implementing best practices, workplace trends, intranet trends, and key technologies. ThoughtSummit is the best place to find like-minded peers working towards the same goals and find a renewed sense of purpose for your intranet.

Who should attend?

Intranet managers, communication professionals, enterprise thought leaders, company culture practitioners, HR professionals, knowledge management leaders, and digital workplace professionals. ThoughtSummit is not just for ThoughtFarmer customers. It is an opportunity for everyone to learn, build their skills, and grow.

How much is it?

Early bird tickets are now on sale for $69 until April 1, 2021. We also offer group discounts for teams looking to attend ThoughtSummit together.