5 best social intranet blog posts of 2012

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During 2012 intranets seemed to have hit their stride and social intranets have exploded onto the scene. Many of our fine competitors have donned the mantle of “social intranet software” and today any intranet without integrated social features seems starkly out-of-date.

On a more personal note, with a 94% increase in sales over 2011, the ThoughtFarmer team feels a sense of accomplishment as we prepare to rest over the holidays.

Before we go into hibernation, cozied up with our families and nursing glasses of Eagle Rare Bourbon by our respective fireplaces, we’d like to review the 5 best social intranet posts from the ThoughtFarmer blog this year.

We’re especially happy to note that our top blog posts from 2012 covered a clear range of topics, from providing simple definitions of intranet-related terms, to offering deep dives into intranet theory, to providing concrete intranet how-to guides, to real-world intranet case studies.

1. Cutting through the hype: What “collaboration” really means

In this post, we offered a simple definition of “collaboration” that helped break down some misnomers around “social business.” The post went wild on Twitter and resonated with many of the intranet pros out there who are living “in the trenches.”

2. Is the “digital workplace” just a fancy social intranet?

In this post, we responded to a thoughtful post by James Robertson in which he tried to make the somewhat nebulous term “digital workplace” more concrete. Our post and the larger discussion around that term garnered serious attention this year.

3. Social intranet user adoption: how to encourage usage in your organization

This post has everything – oodles of links, graphs, tables, pictures, videos, complex formulas, academic references, and even a social graph visualization. Pour yourself a tall glass of eggnog and page through a brilliant piece that captured a ton of page views this year.

4. How-to guide for intranet content audits

This in-depth post provides step-by-step instructions for conducting an intranet content audit – an invaluable exercise to complete at the beginning of an intranet project.

5. Financial institution banking on employee engagement

Not only is the title of this blog post excrutiatingly clever, but the post includes fascinating examples, screenshots, and quotes from the US Farm Bureau Bank. If you like the real deal, check out our other social intranet case studies.

Thanks for joining us this year in our crazy, unexplainable love of intranets. We look forward to all the good things to come in 2013 and wish you a happy new year!