Best of 2009: Top 5 Posts on our Intranet Blog

As 2009 draws to a close, here’s a look back on this year’s most popular blog postings on our Intranet Blog:

1. Best Enterprise 2.0 Launch Ever? Penn State’s ThoughtFarmer Roll-Out

With more than 4 times the page views of any other post, the story of Penn State’s creative launch of ThoughtFarmer has captured the interest of intranet managers around the world. The project manager, Bevin Hernandez (@bevinhernandez), has now been invited to speak about Enterprise 2.0 deployments at several conferences.

2. 5 lessons learned about cross-cultural social networking

We’ve learned lots from deploying our multilingual intranet solution around the globe. This post captures 5 lessons learned from a tri-lingual deployment in English, Korean and Japanese. (In related news, our newest sales coordinator speaks Dutch, English, French and Spanish!)

3. 8 Tips for a Successful Social Intranet Pilot

One reason this post was so popular is the debate it started between SocialText’s Michael Idinopulos and me. In the end, I think we both made valid points.

4. The New Laws of Intranet ROI

Our analytics guru Bryan shares several mathematical models of network value. Meaty ROI information like this is hard to come by.

5. Selling ThoughtFarmer: What’s Worked, What Hasn’t

I’m a bit surprised at the interest this post generated. It was an honest, authentic post about some behind-the-scenes thinking at ThoughtFarmer — and I guess we’re all drawn to that kind of openness. We’ll have to strive for more of that in 2010.

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