ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards: Winners in the Best Intranet Collaboration

Over the past two weeks we profiled the winners in the Best Looking and Most Innovative category of our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. This week, we’ll share with you the winners in the final category: Best Intranet Collaboration.

Winner, Best Collaboration IntranetWINNER, Best Intranet Collaboration: Green Hippo

  • Industry: Computer hardware
  • Region: London, UK
  • Employees: 35
  • Intranet Name: The Green Room

Green Hippo makes specialized servers that stream and manipulate video for live events like the Academy Awards and Super Bowl Halftime Show.

They use their ThoughtFarmer intranet to collaborate with their manufacturing contractor — essentially using ThoughtFarmer as an extranet. As machines are built, the manufacturer updates pages in ThoughtFarmer, and Green Hippo can see the status of the entire build process. If there is a defect with a delivered unit, Green Hippo uses ThoughtFarmer for the entire RMA (“return to manufacturer authorization”) process, even using galleries for uploading photos of issues.

According to Green Hippo, “Using ThoughtFarmer to collaborate has improved the communication between both sides tenfold.”

[screenshot] RMA process intranet
Green Hippo collaborates with their manufacturing contractor through ThoughtFarmer to track the process of ordering, building and returning servers.

Honorable Mention, Best Collaboration IntranetHONORABLE MENTION, Best Intranet Collaboration: Spendvision

  • Industry: Software
  • Region: UK, Australia, Japan, USA
  • Employees: 130
  • Intranet Name: The Fridge

Spendvision, a player in “transaction management” software, involved employees around the globe in a fun and successful fundraising campaign for Movember.

Using ThoughtFarmer’s gallery pages, they created “How are we growing” sections for each week. Mo-Bros uploaded pictures of their weekly growth, and they tallied fundraising totals on the home page. Through ThoughtFarmer’s commenting features, they ran competitions for “Most Mo'”, “Mr. Babyface” and “Lookalikes”. According to Spendvision, it was “hugely fun and successful.”

Using ThoughtFarmer for activities that are not strictly speaking work-related is a great way to familiarize employees with its collaborative features. Once they are comfortable using ThoughtFarmer for “fun”, they move on to using it for getting real work done. Great job Spendvision!

[screenshot] Movember intranet
Spendvision used ThoughtFarmer photo galleries to run a fun and successful fundraising campaign for Movember
In case you missed it, see the winners in the Best Looking and Most Innovative categories. And to see more examples, watch the entire webinar on YouTube: Best ThoughtFarmer Intranets 2013.

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