ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet Awards 2014: Winners in the Best Intranet Collaboration

Over the past two weeks we profiled the winners in the Best Looking and Most Innovative category of our annual ThoughtFarmer Best Intranet competition. This week, we’ll share with you the winners in the final category: Best Intranet Collaboration.

Winner, Best Collaboration IntranetWINNER, Best Intranet Collaboration: Assiniboine Credit Union

  • Industry: Finance
  • Region: Manitoba, Canada
  • Employees: 520
  • Intranet Name: Mosaic

Every year Assiniboine Credit Union buys an entire evening of outdoor theatre at Winnipeg’s historic Rainbow Stage. They make these tickets available to members and community groups but have historically had a difficult time tracking sales and getting the tickets to the members and groups that wanted them.

ACU intranet best collaboration
ACU used ThoughtFarmer to manage their ticket sales for an annual member event.

This year they used ThoughtFarmer to coordinate ticket sales. All 23 branches have a page for tracking sales so they have a running tally of how many tickets are still available and where. If a branch runs out of tickets, they can contact another branch for a transfer. Like everything on Mosaic, the transactions are transparent and everyone knows who to call.

ACU has many examples of collaboration using ThoughtFarmer. For example, their marketing team uses ThoughtFarmer to manage signage. Previously, it was difficult to get the right information to the right people. Now, with ThoughtFarmer, their branches can get the current materials for in-branch campaigns and promotions in a single section on their intranet. Another example is an auction they held entirely within ThoughtFarmer to raise money for Winnipeg’s Asset Building Program, which assists low income people with saving for productive assets.

For more about ACU and their use of ThoughtFarmer see their case study or watch the 8-minute version of their live webinar!

Honorable Mention, Best Collaboration IntranetHONORABLE MENTION, Best Intranet Collaboration: Cummins Western Canada

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Region: Western Canada
  • Employees: 830
  • Intranet Name: PowerZone

Cummins Western Canada used ThoughtFarmer to host a contest for children of employees to submit an original drawing depicting what their parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts do at work that keeps them safe. The contest brought awareness both of the safety department and the important work they do, and of how content and community can come together in a single spot on the intranet.

Cummins intranet contest
Cummins’ “Kids Draw Safe” contest brought awareness to the Health and Safety Department

Cummins used ThoughtFarmer to organize submissions and the poll feature to vote on the winners.

Cummins health and safety contest
Cummins used ThoughtFarmer to organize the contest and allowed users to comment and vote for their favorite
Cummins intranet collaboration
ThoughtFarmer’s polls feature was used to pick the winner. It was the most successful contest they had held.

For more about Cummins read their case study!

In case you missed it, see the winners in the Best Looking and Most Innovative categories. And to see more examples, watch the entire webinar or view the slides.

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