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What message does a social intranet convey?

On Friday we were inspired by a tweet about Marshall McLuhan to ask a question:

@thoughtfarmer “The medium is the message.” -Marshall McLuhan bit.ly/nV5JWj | What message does a social intranet convey? 7 Oct

We quickly received several great responses worth sharing broadly:

@jonhusband @thoughtfarmer < What message does a social intranet convey? > that “the medium is the meaning we consume & create together”? 7 Oct

@conniecrosby @thoughtfarmer teamwork, openness, collaboration, willingness to let employees have some of the control, innovation 7 Oct

@bar2cci The organization values transparency RT @thoughtfarmer: “The medium is the message.” -Marshall McLuhan http://… (cont) deck.ly/~WQLTl 7 Oct

If Marshall McLuhan was right that the medium is the message, then what is the message of a social intranet and how does it differ from the messages conveyed by more traditional intranets?

Please share your thoughts here and on Twitter using the hashtag #intranetmsg.

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