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What would Donald Schön think of your social intranet?
Your social intranet has the 1970's to thank for a lot of its existence. And not just because that's when we were born. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/what-would-donald-schon-think-of-your-social-intranet/
Mechanistic and Organic Organizations
Following up on the previous post about connected companies, complex systems, and social intranets, Gord tackles the metaphors of mechanistic and organic organizations. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/mechanistic-and-organic-organizations/
Connected companies, complex systems, and social intranets
A long overdue blog post from Gordon Ross on the connected company, complex systems, and social intranets. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/connected-companies-complex-systems-and-social-intranets/
Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara: Clarity on Collaboration Please
It's been a few days since the end of Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara and there's been a few blog posts that have chosen to tackle wrap up the conference or tackle some of problems around the definitions of social business and enterprise 2.0. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/enterprise-2-0-santa-clara-clarity-on-collaboration-please/
Improving Legal Knowledge Management Through a Social Intranet
Canadian law firm Hicks Morley shares their experience in fostering personal knowledge management and enhancing collaboration after two years of social intranet usage. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/improving-legal-knowledge-management-through-a-social-intranet/
Hiding from the gaze of the social intranet
A recent customer chat reveals how the evolution of their intranet had changed with the pressures of the economic downturn and how people were afraid to be seen using the intranet. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/hiding-from-the-gaze-of-the-social-intranet/
Making the Business Case for the Intranet: Penn State Outreach
Learn how Penn State Outreach made the business case for their social intranet, turning a one-day event into 365 days of connection online. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/making-the-business-case-for-the-intranet-penn-state-outreach/
Social Interaction Design Webinar Q&A
We had a couple of questions that came out of last week's webinar on Social Interaction Design with Thomas Vander Wal. Thomas took the time to put together responses and we're sharing them here. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/social-interaction-design-webinar-qa/
Presentation Slides for Social Interaction Design with Thomas Vander Wal
Thomas Vander Wal shared some of his experience and insights today with webinar attendees from around the world on the subject of social interaction design. He presented on the myths of social software, what social comfort means in organizations, and his models of describing social interaction design. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/presentation-slides-for-social-interaction-design-with-thomas-vander-wal/
Webinar with Thomas Vander Wal: Overcoming Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Hurdles with Social Interaction Design
ThoughtFarmer presents InfoCloud Solutions principal and author Thomas Vander Wal in a free 1-hour long webinar on April 13, 2010 as he provides insight into social interaction design and its role in overcoming social intranet adoption hurdles. www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/webinar-4-social-interaction-desig/