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How to Create Useful Content — Intranet Content Strategy Part 1

No one reads the intranet in the same way they curl up with a good book.
Intranet content consumption is purpose-driven and goal-oriented.

How-to Guide for Creating Intranet User Personas

When an intranet team builds a new intranet or revamps a site’s navigation their primary goal is to help a diverse group of employees do their jobs more easily. But questions quickly arise:

How do you know what information employees need?

The Biggest Difference Between Good and Bad Intranets: A Focus on Users

Good intranets come in different shapes, sizes and colors, but they share one thing in common: a focus on users.
This single factor has a huge influence on planning exercises, on software selection, on the design of the intranet and on launch and training activities.

Sample job description for an intranet manager

Some intranets are managed by no one. Other intranets are managed off the side of someone’s desk. But the best intranets have dedicated, full-time intranet managers.

How to Align your Intranet Plans with Company Strategy

In order to get adequate resources to build and maintain a good intranet, it must be perceived as mission critical. What can help? Align the intranet with your company’s strategic plans. If you do, executives will become more invested in its success and more supportive of your efforts.

15 Tactics to Build Active Communities on your Social Intranet

Communities on your social intranet (also called “groups”, “online workspaces”, “team sites”, etc.) likely won’t grow active and vibrant on their own.

Intranet Content Management Tips: Managing People for Long-Term Success

Some intranet managers spend all their time managing content. But your social intranet will be far more successful if you spend that time managing people — specifically, managing content owners and community managers.

The Social Intranet Involvement Spectrum: Moving Beyond “Buy-in” to Engagement, Ownership

When it comes to launching a new social intranet, many people start discussing how to get “buy-in” from different parts of the company. Buy-in is great.

14 Intranet Best Practices to Transition your Intranet Project to an Intranet Program

The Inevitable (yet Brilliant) Gardening Metaphor
While walking down the street, I recently found myself admiring a neighbor’s yard.

4 Planning and Design Patterns from Credit Union and Bank Intranet Projects

Not all banks are the same. But it turns out that many bank and credit union intranets fit similar patterns.
Over the years we’ve worked with many financial institutions.